Civitans to celebrate Clergy month

Betty Mason, Acie Vance and Evelyn Bell join hands with other members of the club to pray at the start and finish of the West Point Civitan Luncheon Club meeting, Wednesday.
Staff Writer

The West Point Civitan Luncheon Club met Tuesday to discuss the upcoming celebration of clergy month.

"Every February, the Civitan Club recognizes the many pastors that preside over churches in West Point and Clay County," Acie Vance, president elect of the club, announced. "We want to invite all pastors to join us Wednesday, February 21, to share a meal. They don't have to be the reverend of a member's church."

Members of the Civitan Club look forward to February and the opportunity to have their pastor recognized for what they do in the community.

Civitan member Bill Ladd volunteered to speak to the hospital chef to arrange a catered meal for the next meeting in honor of the pastors.

"I spoke with the chef and he will get back with me by Friday about the cost to feed around 30 people," Ladd said. "We're hoping to not only have many pastors come, but to entice members who haven't been coming due to the weather, to join us, as well."

In addition to area pastors, Mitzi Thompson of East Mississippi Community College -West Point Campus will bring a Civitan Scholarship recipient who is participating in the Workforce Training Program.

"Mitzi Thompson will take a few minutes to talk about some changes to the program," Vance said. "I believe tuition is going up and that will impact the number of scholarships we can award."

Ladd said the club also needs to make a donation to Bright Horizons, as the Civitans are a partner with the organization.

"I left a message with Julie Hill to get in touch with me," Ladd said. "We will make our annual donation to East Side Kindergarten."

The West Point Civitan Luncheon Club supports EMCC and East Side Kindergarten as their commitment to education.

Vance said the club members need to be thinking about fundraising ideas in the future. Civitan is a service club, and Civitan International asks that each club hold a major fundraiser each year.

"We need some new ideas to raise money for our projects," Vance said. "We need to get together and discuss what we can do. Let's call our members and encourage them to come to the next meeting and support our local clergy, Invite any pastors you know to come and share a meal with us while we recognize everything they do for our community."