City could see brief power outage this week

Staff Writer

A major investment by the Tennessee Valley Authority in West Point's electric supply will mean a brief power outage this week.

The outage tentatively will come about midnight Thursday night or early Friday morning and shouldn't last more than one or two minutes, according to TVA customer services manager Josh Wooten.

The outage will allow the utility giant to switch the city's substation over to a temporary transformer on which the city will operate until major improvements to the city's main substation are completed by late spring or early summer.

"The West Point station is very old. Instead of trying to rewire it all, we are going to redo completely with all new controls, the brains of the system," Wooten explained.

"This is a huge investment by TVA, a very big deal for us and the city," Wooten continued, noting the planning and preliminary testing has been ongoing since Oct. 1.

The project should be completed by June 1.

The mobile transformer and the relatively new Clay County substation, will run the city.

"I thought it was pretty interesting, how they have a mobile unit that can make all this work. I'm not sure I ever would have thought about it. We appreciate TVA making the investment here. It's important to the community and the future," West Point Mayor Robbie Robinson said of the discussions that have led up to this week's outage and switch over.

"We don't anticipate any problems at all, but do want our customers to be aware of it so if they wake up and their clock is blinking or something, they'll know why," the mayor added.