Court says records are 'official'

Samuel Conwill
Staff Writer

A man serving 15 years on drug charges from Clay and Lee counties won't get a break on his prison terms. The state Court of Appeals again has upheld 39-year-old Samuel Conwill's methamphetamine possession sentence in Clay County as a habitual offender.

Conwill pleaded guilty in Clay County Circuit Court in April 2011 to the meth possession as part of a plea bargain to retire other charges. He was sentenced to eight years after prosecutors amended his indictment to qualify him as a habitual offender because of previous convictions in Lee County.

After his plea, Conwill filed a series of appeals, claiming his rights were violated because the records of his prior convictions were not "official."

The state Court of Appeals rejected his arguments last October and has now affirmed that decision.

According to the Department of Corrections Web site, Conwill is scheduled for release from prison in May 2021.