Gates to talk Sickle Cell Disease at LWB

James Gates is the author of  "The Essence of Sickle Cell Disease." He will be talking about his book during Luncheon With Books, at noon Wednesday, Jan. 10, at the Bryan Public Library.
Staff Writer

James E. Gates is a minster on a meaningful mission. Unfortunately, Gates was born with a serious genetic disorder, called Sickle Cell Disease, but his passion and purpose in life is rooted in something much larger than himself or his disease.

Gates is presenting his book "The Essence of Sickle Cell Disease" at noon, Wednesday, Jan. 10, at the Bryan Public Library during the Luncheon With Books series. Luncheon With Books is sponsored by Friends of the Library and lunch is provided with a $6 donation to Friends.

"The name of the book is The Essence of Sickle Cell Disease," Gates said. "The reason I wrote the book is to enlighten and educate people about SCD and how it effects the carriers and as well as society in general."

Gates said SCD is the world’s most pervasive genetic disease that exists but few people know how complicated and challenging SCD is for both carriers as well as communities.

"Educating the public is a big part of why I wrote the book," Gates said. "But encouragement is also a huge factor. Living with and coping with SCD is very difficult and demanding, so I wrote the book in order to encourage people living with SCD, and to give them some hope."

Gates said in the past there has been misunderstanding, misinformation and unnecessary misery where SCD is concerned. He said he can’t do anything to change the mistakes of the past, but he can do something to try to make things better in the future for people living with SCD, their families and healthcare providers.

" I wrote the book because I want to make a difference, and make things better for people living with SCD," Gates said.

Gates revels in finding unique ways to inspire, inform and improve peoples' lives, and the books he has written are aimed at doing just that. His books include "The Essence of Sickle Cell Disease," a comprehensive and compelling guide to understanding the world’s most pervasive genetic disease; "A Heavenly Alphabet," a simple but solid method for learning the wonderful word of God; and "The Essence of Prayer and Perseverance," the absolute best guide to help people and organizations move from ordinary, to extraordinary ability and accomplishments.

"James is just one of the kindest and gentlest souls I've ever known," said Lucille Armstrong, president of Friends of the Library. "Even when battling his illness he always had a kind word for others and wanted to help. He is just a wonderful person and joy to know."

Gates has donated a copy of "The Essence of Sickle Cell Disease" to the Bryan Public Library in honor of Armstrong, who helped him along the way to publication.

"The book is so well written in layman's terms," Armstrong said. "This is a disease that you don't think about unless you have a loved one who has been diagnosed. I want everyone to know it is available at the library."

Gates said, as a child, Sickle Cell Disease kept him from passing the first grade. He asked the question of how a person who couldn't pass first grade can grow up to write five books? With the help of Armstrong, he said.

"I wrote a very tongue-in-cheek book entitled,' If I Go White Will I Be Alright?" Gates said, "And in response, I wrote 'Beautiful Black Women. It was all in fun because all women are beautiful."
Gates is founder and CEO of Infinity of Hope Ministries, Inc., a Bible-based company devoted to helping people and organizations move from challenges and stagnation, to being champions and conquerors.

“You can have an Infinity of Hope," Gates said. "A hope that cannot be erased, eradicated or extinguished. You can have a hope that is eternal, everlasting and without end.”
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