City employees share Christmas wish lists

Top: Clyde Hopkins and Tommy Jackson. (Bottom) Roger Petty and Carson Crawford
Staff Writer

Employees of the city of West Point sat down Tuesday to enjoy a Christmas luncheon at The Civic. Everyone had a good time enjoying the fellowship and good food.

A few men from the Department of Public Works were asked what they would like to have for Christmas. Clyde Hopkins, who drives a garbage truck and picks up the debris from the sidewalk that accumulates while West Point residents trim limbs and trees on their property, had a few items on his Christmas list.

"I would love to see a Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl this year," Hopkins said. "I don't think I'm going to get it this time. But I want good health and strength for my whole family."

Roger Petty is also with the Department of Public Works and can be found in Greenwood Cemetery keeping the grass and weeds cut and the grounds looking nice "For Christmas I want good health and strength so I can keep on working," Petty said. "I'd like a jump starter, some tools, things that I can use. And I want to have the ability to help other people when they need me."

Tommy Jackson drives a tractor for the city and takes great pride in keeping his hometown looking nice. He has some great ideas on his Christmas list.

"I want a brand new Mercedes Benz," Jackson said. "A three - story house, three brand new Cadillacs in the garage of my three story house, two bean pies and a pork chop sandwich."

Carson Crawford is part of the crew that builds sidewalks and pours concrete during projects to keep the city looking its best.

"I want to keep living as long as possible," Crawford said. "I want all my kids and grandkids to be happy and healthy. And I'd like a brand new GMC truck. A blue one would be nice."