Q & A with West Point radio announcer Bud Bowen

Staff Writer

After the Green Wave’s hard fought victory at Grenada lastFriday, the Daily Times Leader caught up with West Point radio announcer Bud Bowen.

Q: On Friday night, West Point had a game on their hands early on. What did you see that Grenada did to slow the Green Wave down in the first half?

A: “West Point came out like they were going to do their usual thing and jumped to a 12-0 lead, and then Grenada got in the wishbone and it took West Point about two or three drives to figure it out.”

Q: What did you see that Grenada did differently from the regular season matchup?

A: “They just got toe-to-toe on a seven-man line and got in that wishbone, kind of like Georgia Tech, in a run and shoot look and we were not playing our assignments. We were not used to seeing the type of formation. Give Grenada credit, their offensive line was banging pretty good against us.”

Q: It ended up being the closest game of the season, so far, for West Point. At what point do you feel like the Green Wave separated themselves from Grenada?

A: “It was a 29-point improvement for Grenada. Coach Kuhn had his squad ready to play, but when Marcus Murphy scampered for 91 yards the whole world turned right there. It was pretty much over after that.”

Note: Murphy’s 91-yard touchdown gave West Point a 25-7 lead with just over nine minutes left in the third quarter.

Q: West Point has another rematch on Friday night, this time against Olive Branch. Do you see the Conquistadors throwing in some new wrinkles like Grenada did?

A: “That would be wise, but when we’re playing at home we’re a different animal. I won’t say that we will slaughter Olive Branch by no means. I respect all opponents, but Olive Branch needs to bring their A-Game. If we bring our A-Game, Olive Branch better find something special.”

Q: Would you say that Olive Branch brought their A-Game in the first meeting in October?

A: “The press got Olive Branch in that one. They played those kids up to high and they weren’t ready for primetime that night. I’m not saying that they haven’t improved since then, because they won 10 ball games, hats off to them, but the press tried to make them bigger than what they were.”

Note: The first meeting between West Point and Olive Branch on Oct. 13 was a 51-7 Green Wave win.

Q: Do you expect a big turnout Friday night?

A: “Yeah, we’ll probably have a nice turnout on our side. I don’t know what Olive Branch will bring. That’s a long way off on a holiday weekend. I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Come out and support your favorite team and have a safe weekend.”