Oak Hill names Reading Fair winners


Oak Hill Academy named the winners of its 1st grade through 5th grade Reading Fair this week.

1st grade: Ginny Smith (1st place); Aubrey Street (2nd place); Bryant Yelverton (3rd place); Collin Best (Best Portrayal of Character).

2nd grade: Eli Patterson (1st place); Cora Chandler (2nd place); Bella Kitchens (3rd place); Sally Rhea Chaney (Best Portrayal of Character).

3rd grade: Carli Ellis (1st place); Mary Ray Swoope (2nd place); Taylor Smith (3rd place); Colton Smith (Best Portrayal of Character).

4th grade: Haley Emerson (1st place); Luke Reed (2nd place); Chloe Boykin (3rd place); Owen Freeman (Best Portrayal of Character).

5th grade: Lane Reed (1st place); Catherine Williams (2nd place); Chip Ballard (3rd place); Hazard Zepponi (Best Portrayal of Character).

Nonfiction: Matt Ellis (1st place); LK Chandler (2nd place); Haley Edwards (3rd place.).