Shaw is coming home to West Point to bring 'Church Plays' to LWB

Staff Writer

Frances Shaw will be discussing her book, "Church Plays", Thursday, Nov. 9, during the Luncheon With Books series at the Bryan Public Library. Lunch is available with a $6 donation to Friends of the Library.

"We are so happy to have Frances Shaw coming to visit with us Thursday," Lucille Armstrong, president of Friends, said. "We love having authors to come home and share with us."
Armstrong said the drawing for the Lee Gibson original painting will be during Luncheon With Books, so tickets are still available up until the drawing. They are $10 each or 3 for $25.

"I am so excited to be coming home to share my book "Church Plays" with my family, friends and the West Point community," Shaw said. "I was born in West Point to Rev. George and Missionary Gertrude Shaw. My parents instilled in me at an early age the love, realness and the power of God."

She said they lived in the church what seemed to be every day, but they were only there two to three times a week. "They wanted my brothers ( Gabriel, Gilbert, Glenn ,Thomas ) and me to be saved and have a relationship with God so much that they felt it necessary to have church service in our home every Friday night," Shaw said. "They would turn off the television; there would be no Twilight Zone that night."

She said this is where the love for God and church begin. She said she is very active in Church. Shaw said she is a member of Amazing Institutional COGIC in Jackson.
"I am the YPWW President, a member of the Greeters, Nurses Unit, Pastor’s Appreciation Committee, Prayer Warriors and a Sunday School teacher," Shaw said. "I was Singles Ministry president for eight years. God gave me my first play for a Singles Ministry program ( Men and Women Falling in Love With Jesus ). I received the Church of God in Christ’s Jeremiah Award in 2014 and 150 Influential Women Award in 2015."

She said her mother Gertrude obtained a part- time job cleaning the old Carnegie Library in West Point in the afternoons. Shaw said she was a young girl at the time, but would assist her by dusting the shelves, straightening books and sweeping the side walk. Many times she said she would forget what she was doing and start reading books, magazines, and daydreaming about a better life and faraway places.

"Mama would put an end to that by saying, 'girl, put those magazines down and get back to work.” Shaw said. "I do believe the time spent in the Carnegie Library planted a seed in the soil of my destiny. I could not have dreamed that the little girl cleaning the library would now have a book in the library. We serve a mighty God."
Shaw said there would be many other people, things and life experiences that would bring her to this place in life as well. She said after graduation from West Point High School in 1975, she attended the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg.

"I walked away from Southern in 1979 with a degree in Nursing and a love and compassion for people," Shaw said. " I retired from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, in 2012. It was an early retirement due to recurrent breast cancer and a history of bilateral total hip replacements. I am truly glad to be alive. I was also a Flight Nurse in the Mississippi Air National Guard which allowed me to serve my country, and to see those faraway places I dreamed about in the Carnegie Library. God gave me more plays after I retired. This helped me adjust to retirement."

Shaw said she decided to write a book because the plays kept coming to her. She said she felt God wanted her to do more with them than to let them gather dust in her desk.
"I am not a producer like Tyler Perry, so I thought this book of "Church Plays" could be read and seen all over the world," Shaw said. "My hope and desire is that through "Church Plays" God is glorified, souls are add to the Kingdom, and lives are touched and changed for the better. These plays will be a great way for your church to come together for fellowship as well as a way to raise money. There are many talented singers and actors sitting right in the pews."

Shaw said "Church Plays" is a God-given book comprised of 21 short plays and skits. It was published December 22, 2016, by Outskirts Press Publishing. She said each play is ministering and
entertaining while delivering a profound message.

"They will make you laugh and cry," Shaw said. "This book will bless the readers, directors and the performers. A few of the titles are The Christmas Star ( A homeless bag lady brighten Christmas for a mother and her three children ), God I Ain’t Mad At You ( A mother loses her daughter to cancer ), You Had Better Praise Him ( A young man with a drinking problem at the end of his rope is visited by the devil ), and Pearls ( A single lady beguiled by Mr. Casanova later finds out she is pregnant and HIV+ ). Although this book is titled "Church Plays", any audience will enjoy these delightful heartfelt plays."