'Special Delivery' debuts at FBC

First Baptist Church's children's chorus will be presenting "Special Delivery" at 10:15 a.m. and 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 12.
Staff Writer

Thea Kay Tribble, minister to children, will be leading the children's chorus at First Baptist Church in a presentation of "Special Delivery" a musical production to show the expectation of the Heavenly Host knowing the birth of a Savior was at hand.

"We have 66 children in the choir," Tribble said. "From 2 year olds to sixth grade. The musical is about the 'Angels in Training' who need to be ready to tell Mary she is going to have a baby, tell Joseph to take care of her and to make the important announcement of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Tribble said the 2 and 3 year olds will be the animals in the stable when baby Jesus is born, the 4 and 5 year olds will be shepherds and first through sixth grade children are the angels.

"Both times are open to the public, but we are accepting donations of a small, new toy," Tribble said. "They will be donated to the 'Adopt - A- Family program."

Tribble said they are presenting the musical in conjunction with Christmas Open House going on all over West Point.

"We hope everyone will come in support all the hard work the children have put into the musical," Tribble said. "The main characters are the angels. It's their story about preparing for the birth of the Messiah. Just like we are preparing to celebrate his birth too."

She said over 2,000 years ago a miracle is about to take place in Bethlehem. Meanwhile in heaven, angels in training anxiously await their divine appointments to take part in Christ's birth.
"We are very lucky to have lots of talented children who really enjoy performing," Tribble said.

Tribble said the children have been practicing the musical for a few weeks and are ready to perform for family, friends and the public.

She said the children are also filling bags for Adopt-A-Family along with children in the First Baptist' Church's Children's ministry.

"This is something even small children can do for our community," Tribble said."We want our children to understand that mission work isn't just going to a faraway country. But we can be missionaries right here in our own community. We want them to know the joy of giving and doing for others."