West Point man arrested on drug charges

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

Officers with the West Point Police Department arrested Jeffrey Reese Quinn, 35, during a drug bust on Oct. 20.

Quinn was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, aggravated trafficking which was based on the amount of crystal meth found in his possession and possession of a controlled substance (schedule II narcotic).

According to a statement by WPPD, Corporal Freddie Bardley was on patrol when he noticed a subject who was allegedly involved in a burglary of a residence. After approaching the subject, the subject fled on foot. Bardley gave chase, but was unable to apprehend the subject. While pursuing the subject, he contacted officer Kyle Eaves to go over to the street the subject was last seen. After an exhaustive search, the subject was not located. Eaves got into Bardley’s vehicle so that he could take him back to his vehicle. While in route to get his vehicle, Eaves noticed a black male subject on Meadowbrook Drive sitting in a tan Chevrolet Blazer.

Eaves said the man looked similar to the person they had just pursued, and when they passed him, he dropped his head and avoided eye contact.

After approaching the vehicle, Eaves could smell a strong odor of marijuana and saw a bag of what appeared to be marijuana in the subject’s lap. Eaves asked the subject to give him the marijuana, the subject complied. Eaves placed the marijuana on the hood of the subject’s vehicle and asked the subject to step out of the truck.
Eaves said as he was about to place the subject under arrest, the subject pulled away and fled on foot.

Eaves and Bardley chased the subject instructing him to stop, but the subject continued to flee. During the foot pursuit and in order to get the subject stopped, the suspect was tased. The subject fell to the ground after being tased and was immediately handcuffed by Bardley. The subject sustained minor injuries due to being tased and falling. An ambulance was dispatched to check on the subject’s injuries.

After a subsequent search of the vehicle, officers found one and half pounds of marijuana, 433 grams of crystal methamphetamines and 35 Hydrocodone pills. Officers seized over $18,000 in cash and the Chevy Blazer.

Quinn was arraigned before Judge Bennie Jones and his bond was set at $175,000. Quinn is currently housed at the Clay County Jail.