DTL welcomes sports reporter Brian Hamilton

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

The Daily Times Leader added sports reporter Brian Hamilton to its staff last week.

Hamilton is from Carbon Hill, Alabama, and currently lives in Aliceville, Alabama.

Hamilton is a graduate of Dora High School, and he received a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication and film from the University of Alabama 2008 and a master’s degree in mass communication from Texas Tech University in 2011.

“My mentor Dr. Johnny Sparks really introduced me to the whole aspect of research and encouraged me to pursue a master’s degree from Texas Tech,” Hamilton said. “My work at the Athletic Communications Department was the first time I got into feature writing.”

Hamilton has previously worked for the Pickens County Herald as a freelance sports reporter and photographer, and in 2015 he began working at the Northport Gazette and West Alabama Gazette as a sports reporter and photographer.

Hamilton also currently teaches public speaking classes at the University of West Alabama, and he has taught journalism classes at Stillman College, Shelton State Community College and Mississippi State University.

Hamilton said he enjoys sports, fishing and film and documentary production.

“I really enjoy sports,” Hamilton said. “I’m a really big Alabama fan, but I have friends and family at State, so I support them too.”

Hamilton is a fan of the Atlanta Braves, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Heat and Nashville Predators.

Hamilton also cohosts “The Stingray Show” podcast at 7 p.m. every Wednesday night with Steven “Stingray” Ray.

“The show is about all college sports but with an emphasis on the SEC,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said he is a huge fan of high school sports and enjoys watching them.

“It doesn’t make it like job to me,” Hamilton said. “I enjoy going to the games.”

Hamilton said this is his first experience working for a daily paper.

“The two previous jobs I had were weeklies, so it takes a little adjustment,” Hamilton said. “There’s been a learning curve, because the last four years I’ve covered Alabama sports.”

Hamilton said he has been talking with coaches and learning the teams and regions in Mississippi High School Sports Association sports for the last week he has been at DTL.