Clay County football: Underrated aspect for each team

Staff Writer


The offensive line for the Green Wave wasn’t talked about as much as it should have been last season.

They paved the way all season long for running backs Andre Lane, Marcus Murphy and Chris Calvert to do damage, and they’ll likely be the guys that are relied upon in 2017 to do the same thing.

West Point had dynamic players at running back last season, but their ability to pick and choose what holes to hit was immensely helped with the play of the offensive line. The Green Wave didn’t have to throw a pass all night long in their second round playoff game against Oxford, and that was because West Point consistently blew the Charger defensive line off the football throughout the contest.

They’ll have guys back from last year’s offensive line, and that’ll help the unity be cohesive and be just as dominant as they were throughout the 2016 season.


The Raiders were very good at the linebacker position last season, and that will likely be the case throughout the 2017 season as well.

The Raiders were able to run freely at the position, and they were sure tacklers throughout most of the year.

Jaden Craven played a lot of the contest at linebacker last season, and even though he was a freshman,, you could tell that he was playing at a high level throughout much of the season.

The linebacker position is one that has to play well if the rest of the team is going to be successful as a defensive unit, and the Raiders most certainly have guys that can play that position at a high enough level to be a good defensive unit.


The Eagles were an extremely young football team last year, and that caused them to have growing paints throughout the 2016 season.

The good news about playing a ton of younger kids is that they’ll get the experience that they need to be successful in high school football extremely early.

The Eagles struggled on the offensive side of the football last year, but they’ll likely be much better this year as they’ve had time to grow together, and that will help throughout the year.

If Hebron can use the experience that they gained last year and put it to good use throughout the 2017 season, they’ll likely have a much better 2017 campaign than they did in 2016.