Mayor and Board of Selectmen to be sworn in July 3

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

Mayor Robbie Robinson and the West Point Board of Selectmen will be sworn in to office at 10 a.m. on July 3 upstairs at West Point City Hall.
Mayor Robbie Robinson said Circuit Judge Lee Coleman would swear the new city officials into office during the public ceremony.
Robinson said the public officials will begin their four year terms after they were sworn in and produce a bond.
“This is set out by state statute,” Robinson said. “All public officials have to have a bond before serving in office,” Robinson said.
Chief Administrative Officer Randy Jones said the bond was similar to an insurance policy, and any public official or city employee who handled money had to obtain a bond. If any funding went missing, it would be replaced up to a certain amount, but the person at fault would be held responsible, according to Jones.
Robinson said the new officials will most likely have obtained their bonds before being sworn in.
“All public officials are sworn in for a four year term,” Robinson said. “After that four years expires, officials have to be sworn in again and get a new bond.”
Jones said during the ceremony, the mayor and selectmen would place one hand on the Bible and raise the other hand and swear to uphold the Constitution and all federal, state and local laws.
“It’s a pretty short process,” Jones said. “In the past the judge has sworn them all in at one time, which he can do.”