National Lineman Appreciation Day set for April 18

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

National Lineman Appreciation Day will be April 18 to celebrate the hard work linemen do for the community.
According to the National Lineman Appreciation Day website, National Lineman Appreciation Day serves as a time to express appreciation to the men and women that work hard every day, and to honor and celebrate the hard work, dedication and innovation of electrical linemen.
Mayor Robbie Robinson said the city's linemen will be given certificates next week to show the city's appreciation for the work they do.
Electric Department Line Foreman Brad Davis said linemen maintain distribution lines that provide power to homes and businesses in the city.
"We do a lot of maintenance and work after hours," Davis said. "Things break and critters or bad weather can knock out the power, so we have to work day and night no matter the weather to get the power turned back on."
Davis said it was important for citizens to remember that continually calling the water department when power is out will not make it come back on quicker.
"Have patience," Davis said. "Linemen work diligently to get the power turned back on when it is out, and our job is dangerous enough without people constantly calling."