County Board approves the purchase of two new CCSD vehicles

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

The Clay County Board of Supervisors approved the request from Sheriff Eddie Scott to sell two vehicles from the Clay County Sheriff Department fleet and purchase two new vehicles during Monday morning’s board meeting.
Scott said the two Crown Victorias that were currently being used both have more than 300,000 miles on them and need to be replaced.
“The last time we bought new vehicles for investigators was in 2009 or 2010,” Scott said.
The board unanimously approved Scott’s request to purchase two Tahoes from the Missouri Highway Patrol that both have about 60,000 miles on them.
Scott said the Tahoes would cost $19,000 each, and the funds obtained from selling the two Crown Victorias would go toward the cost of the two new vehicles.
The board also approved a travel request by Scott for two investigators to travel to Atlanta, Georgia, to retrieve stolen items from Clay County.
He said there had been several burglaries in Clay County in Nov. and Dec., and the suspect was detained in Atlanta, and two officers needed to retrieve items stolen from Clay County.
“We don’t know now when we will be able to get the suspect back because he is being held in Atlanta on some severe charges,” Scott said. “Our main concern now is to try to return some of the stolen property.”
The board also approved a request by Steel City Recycling to collect Clay County’s scrap metal. The company will pay the county 7 cents, or whatever the market value is, per pound of scrap metal and will not charge the county a transportation fee.