West Point High School to start using block schedule

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

West Point High School principal Jermaine Taylor presented plans for the new block scheduling of the school at Monday night’s school board meeting.
Taylor said there would be four 90 minute classes per day, and students would receive a credit for the class at the end of each semester with the new block schedule.
“The new schedule is going to begin next Fall at the beginning of the new school year,” West Point Consolidated School District superintendent Burnell McDonald said.
Taylor said there were many advantages to block scheduling. Teachers would have more time to teach each class and build better relationships with students. According to Taylor, students would also only have to focus on and study for four classes instead of seven. It would also cut down on transit time for students between campuses. It would allow for more planning time for teachers, and it is closer to college schedules.
Taylor said there were also disadvantages to block scheduling. If a student missed a class, they would miss more material because the classes will be longer. Students will also spend less time in a class in one semester than they would if the class lasted a whole year.