Higgins gives update on economic development in Clay County

Josh Presley

Golden Triangle Development LINK CEO Joe Max Higgins stopped by the West Point Rotary Club on Thursday to give some updates on economic development in West Point and Clay County.
With Yokohama Tire opening in West Point last year, Higgins said the community had not seen the full economic impact of the new factory just yet.
“The full benefit of Yokohama is not even close,” Higgins said. “The short term benefits are clear, as you’ve seen the sales tax and the creation of 500 jobs to be filled by the end of the year. More exciting to me is driving up and down Highway 45 and seeing all these new businesses.”
He said Yokohama would pay its first taxes to the county in February, which he said would be when portions of the benefit would really begin. According to Higgins, the LINK and the community were looking ahead to the future.
“There are four projects looking at West Point right now,” he said. “Two are in the food industry, one is in plastics, and that would be about a $75 million project, and one is in the automotive industry, and that would be about a $100 million project.”