Oak Hill Falls to Leake Academy

Collin Brister
Sports Writer

What It Means
The Raiders had a tough night on Friday as the fell 55-3 to Leake Academy, falling to 2-7 on the season.
The Raiders had a tough time getting anything going on offense, something that is irregular to Oak Hill, but they were unable to contain the Rebels on offense.
Oak Hill is playing a lot of young kids and has suffered some close losses in district play that will keep them out of the playoffs. Oak Hill lost by only seven to Winona Christian, the likely division champ. Oak Hill lost to Columbus Christian by 14 and fell by 11 the next week at Carrol Academy.
What’s Next
The Raiders will honor their seniors on Friday night as they host Deer Creek Academy in their last game of the season.
Deer Creek is 5-3 on the season and 2-1 in district play, and their contest against Oak Hill will play a major role in the Warriors’ playoff hopes.
Oak Hill dominated this contest last year, as the Raiders knocked off Deer Creek 41-6 in the next-to-last game of the year.
Coach Speak with Raider Head Coach Chris Craven
On What he wants to see the Raiders do to finish the season
Craven: “I want to see everybody doing their job. You can’t take a play off. Even if you were a receiver and were having to run all over the place. Well now you have to play defense, and you can’t take a play off. He still has to run just as much on defense as he did on offense. That’s what we ask. That’s what we need. We need four quarters of football playing for team, just because it’s the team.
On the younger players gaining valuable experience
Craven: “Going forward it’s so valuable. There are 14 freshmen. There are four seniors for next year. There are six juniors next year. Everyone else is a sophomore. That’s why we keep sending them out there, because the experience that they’re going to gain play high school football is invaluable even though they may not be 100 percent ready for it. It’s forcing them to have to man up. We’ll send some out there, and all of a sudden they’re a better tackler. We’ve been pleased with our younger class. They’ve really tried to step up. We try and rotate them and keep them in good positions, but the experience is invaluable. It will make a difference next year
On Senior Night
Craven: “The seniors have done a lot. They’ve been work horses. Ken Dill is one of the best quarterbacks to ever have played here. Buddy has been very good for Oak Hill. There aren’t many people I’ll let call a play for me, but I’ll let him do it. Macon (Mcbrayer) has really set the tone for the younger guys. Powell Tabor is going to do what you ask him to do 100 percent of the time. Mac Newell is just a steady eddy. He does what he’s supposed to do, and doesn’t run his mouth. James Peavy came out of the gym here and he’s produced.”