Artistic souls of sisters shine

Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

Jeanette Unger, wife of the late Rev. Kelly Unger, is very proud of her granddaughters, Anna and Day Robertson and wished to share some of her granddaughters’ art with friends in West Point.
“I am so proud of these girls,” Unger said. “I’m just blown away by what they are able to accomplish while they are still attending Florence High School.”
The girls are the daughters of Dr. Craig and Heather Unger Robertson. Dr. and Mrs. Robertson are both employed with the University of North Alabama in Florence. Dr. Robertson is in administration at the University and Heather Robertson is a Leaning Support Coordinator and an Academic Advisor.
Anna Robertson has been recognized twice for her playwright abilities at the Alabama Shakespeare Writing Festival for a one – act – play written for the Young Southern Writers Project.
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