WPPD to offer neighborhood watch campaign

Staff Writer

The West Point Police Department is planning to institute a neighborhood watch campaign and would like to have an idea of the amount of public interest.

"We would like to talk to those interested in a neighborhood watch in West Point," said Albert Lee with the WPPD. "The best alarm system in the world is a nosy neighbor. Those are the best kind of people to keep an eye on the property next door or up the street."

Lee said the police department would like to have a meeting with concerned citizens to explain what to do if something going on at a neighbor’s house doesn't seem right.

"Neighborhood watch only works if everyone is willing to look out for each other," Lee said. "That is a great way to keep thieves moving along and not strike in your neighborhood. It's worked for a long time and we think now would be the perfect time to bring it back."

Lee said it is open to anyone living in the city limits of West Point, who are under the WPPD jurisdiction.

"When a neighborhood watch is done right, it is a huge deterrent for crime," Lee said. "No criminal wants a bunch of people aware and watching. That is the whole purpose. It is a proven method to decrease the amount of break-ins. A neighborhood watch works."

Lee said the police department will coordinate a day and time according to how much interest is shown in the community.

For more information or to show interest in participating in a Neighborhood Watch Campaign, call 494-1244.