WPPD investigating stolen firearms, air conditioners

Staff Writer

The West Point Police Department is continuing to investigate the burglaries over the last few weeks which resulted in stolen air conditioning units and firearms.

“There have been an increase of burglaries of AC units and firearms from cars,” WPPD Assistant Chief Albert Lee said. “At night, keep your carport lights on, keep your vehicle doors locked at all times and get surveillance equipment if possible.”

Lee said WPPD was anticipating a break in the case of the stolen firearms, and the victims of the stolen air conditioners were offering a reward for any information of the return of their property.

“I know someone in the community knows where these items are or who is responsible,” Lee said. “We encourage you to contact us or Crimes Stoppers if you have any information about these crimes.”

Lee said WPPD had also received numerous complaints of primarily young drivers congregating at local business parking lots on the weekends and causing potential serious problems for others on the road.

“This causes congestion in parking lots and on the roads,” he said. “We want everyone to enjoy themselves but in a safe matter.”

Lee said anyone with any issues or complaints should contact WPPD.

He said now that football season is here, WPPD will be out patrolling streets and businesses after the games.

“After the games there are always a lot of people out walking the streets and crossing in front of traffic,” He said. “We want everyone to stay safe after the games.”

Lee said plans for game day traffic will be announced soon.

Contact WPPD at 494-1244 and Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers at 800-530-7151.