WPHS teacher to serve on Mississippi Teacher Council

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

West Point High School teacher Bruce Mize was picked to serve on the Mississippi Teacher Council with other educators throughout the state.

Mize currently teaches world history, advanced placement world history and advanced placement U.S. history at WPHS. He has been a teacher for 17 years, with nine of those years at WPHS.

“Anytime you have someone from our district represent not only our district but all the schools in north Mississippi, it’s something special, and it’s an honor,” West Point Consolidated School District Superintendent Burnell McDonald said. “We feel really good about it.”

Mize said MTC is a council that was put together directly by Mississippi Department of Education and the state superintendent to work with teachers on issues in the classroom.

According to the MDE website, “The purpose of MTC is to provide feedback to the State Superintendent of Education on the initiatives of the Mississippi Department of Education and the Mississippi State Board of Education and to empower teachers to discuss topics critical to their success in the classroom and how MDE can assist.”

Mize said the primary goal of serving on MTC is to give feedback to the state superintendent on any state initiatives that are already going on in the state and give suggestions of what can be done in the classroom that aren’t already implemented.

“I get to be a voice for a larger group of teachers in the whole state, not just in my region,” Mize said.

Mize said one of the issues teachers have brought to his attention was the change of the cut scores on state testing after students had taken the state tests.

Mize said members of the council will meet several times throughout the school year to discuss issues and initiatives in the classroom, and the first meeting he will attend in Oxford.

“They have meetings at different locations throughout the state to make it easier for teachers to attend,” he said.

Mize said he was selected to serve on MTC after submitting a resume and application, and he was asked to apply by the Mississippi Council for Social Studies, which he serves as treasurer on the council board and formerly served as president.