WPHS Class of 1958 to reunite Friday

The West Point High School Class of 1958 is holding its 60 year high school reunion, April 27 - 28, West Point High School was located in what is now Central School.
Staff Writer

The 1958 graduating class of West Point High School (now Central School) is having their 60th year class reunion Friday and Saturday, April 27-28.

Bill Burgess of the class of 1958, said he thought the school building was at least 100 years old when he attended the school. He said it seemed old then. Burgess had heard rumors that the school structure might not be safe after all these years. But after finding out there are still classes going on in what is now a middle school, he said they decided it would be safe enough for a tour.

"I hated to graduate," Burgess said. "I loved going to school there. We had such a good time that I never wanted it to end."

Burgess said he and "Bud" Sam Barry together with eight other members of the class had stayed in touch through the years.

"We've been trying to chase down classmates all over the country," Burgess said. "The hardest ones to get up with have been the ones that are still living in West Point."

Burgess said he hopes those living in Clay County that the committee has not been able to contact, will come to the reunion.

"I've lived in High Point, North Carolina, for 47 years," Burgess said. "And I am so excited to be coming home to West Point. I still have family living there and want to see them as well as my classmates. I am looking forward to coming home."

Burgess has an aunt, brother, nephew and a lot of cousins to come home to this weekend.

Burgess said at last count, 48 members of the class of '58 have replied in the affirmative that they will be in attendance for the reunion.

"We plan to have a good time getting together and visiting," Burgess said. "We are meeting at the Portera Guest House 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon and having dinner there at 6 p.m. Rubye Wray is catering for us. That's another thing I am looking forward to, is Rubye Wrays food. Saturday morning at 9 a.m. we are going to visit the school, then we will visit the Louise Campbell Campbell Center for the Arts on Commerce, then lunch around noon at Proffitt's Porch. Dinner Saturday night will be at Anthony’s."

Burgess said when he was young, Anthony's Good Food Market was still a grocery store. He has heard a lot about the food at Anthony's and was happy that is the place chosen for the group to have dinner. He is wanting to see how much has changed since the last time he was in West Point.

Shirley Coleman Stewart is a member of the class of '58 who has remained in West Point.

"I've been in touch with some of the girls from my class," Stewart said. "Several of us met for lunch at Touch of Home. We were chatting and sharing memories. We talked about the reunion and we are all looking forward to seeing our classmates."