WPFD speaks during Summer Reading Program

WPFD Firefighter Lantz Stewart showed children the jaws of life at yesterday’s Summer Reading Program.
Staff Writer

Members of the West Point Fire Department were the entertainers at yesterday’s Summer Reading Program at the Bryan Public Library.

Firefighters Bob Lummus and Lantz Stewart, Fire Inspector Ted Judson, and Battalion Chief Danny White showed the kids parts of their equipment, such as turn outs and the jaws of life.

The firefighters also went over fire safety tips with the kids, including how to check if fire detectors were working and stop, drop and roll.

Judson said the main goal of frequently working with the kids was to make them comfortable with the fire department and their equipment, so if the children were ever in house fire or wreck, they would not be afraid of the fire fighters.

Judson said the fire department taught third graders at South Side Elementary how to use fire extinguishers.

“Most bad fires happen because people try to take short cuts or don’t follow safety rules they’ve learned in third grade,” Judson said.

During the program, Judson also reminded the kids to check with their parents to ensure their new 911 addresses were easily visible on their home so first responders could find them in case of an emergency.

“The code that I enforce requires that the 911 address be visible on your home,” Judson said. “The new system is working well.”

Children’s Librarian Dawn Richardson said the WPFD worked with kids at the library often.

“Any opportunity to have the fire department come speak to the kids, we take it,” Richardson said. “As young as the kids are, they still really retain the information about fire safety.

At the end of the program, the firefighters led the kids in a pledge to never play with fire no matter how old they are.