WPCSD says goodbye to retiring teachers

Staff Writer

The West Point Consolidated School District, School Board recognized four teachers who are retiring, during the monthly meeting. Missy Brown, Keith Manning, Susie Walker and Audrey Johnson. Each retiree received a plaque and a gift certificate to Anthony's for their years of service to the district.

WPCSD Assistant Superintendent, Reita Humpries, said, the district at this time, would not be receiving the total amount of $1,469,222.
"According to the MDE, Oak Hill Academy is entitled to a portion of those monies," Humpries said. "We had followed all of the directions for filing the application verbatim. As soon as this was announced, we appealed the decision. So we are waiting to hear the final decision."

The WPCSD had applied for CARES funding. As of July 1, the guidelines have changed.
"We attended a webinar, and have the latest guidelines," Humpries said. "We will start the process over again to complete the application for the funds and adhere to those instructions."
Superintendent Burnell McDonald said they were planning to purchase the Chromebooks and iPads as tools for distance learning technology needed for the upcoming school year.

"We will post video, Tuesday, on our website for parents to see what the classrooms are going to look like for the upcoming school year," McDonald said. "There will be an introduction from me and then a virtual tour of the selected school. Parents will have the choice between their child returning to the classroom for person-to-person instruction, or to participate in distance learning online."
McDonald said the most important thing is for each school to inform parents of what to expect.
"We've had a strong push from the Governor and the President to open schools for the fall semester," McDonald said. "We want the parents to have the choice for what is best for the student."
McDonald asked the School Board to allow for the date for the return of students to school be changed from Wednesday, Aug. 5, to Monday Aug. 10.
"This will allow three extra days to prepare and have everything in order for the students to return," McDonald said.
The School Board approved the change for the opening day of school for students to Monday, Aug. 10.

The WPCSD Board then adopted and approved the following:
The May financial statements.
The 2020 - 2021 budget.
The Ad Valorem Tax, There was no increase for school taxes.
Deletion of Fixed Assets.
2020 - 2021 Instructional Management Plan.
2020 - 2021 Professional Development Plan.
2010 - 2021 English Learners Plan.
Federal Programs Homeless Procedures.
2020- 2021 Foster Care Plan.
Cooperative Agreement - Millcreek of Pontotoc.
Cooperative Agreement - ICS Head Start Program.
Policy Revisions - GBRIA - Family Medical Leave Act.
Policy Revisions - GADJ - Personal Leave and GCRG - Classified (Non-Certified) Personal Leave and Absence.
Revision to 2020 - 2021 School Calendar to include first day of school as Aug. 10.
Donation to East Side School - Walgreens $500 Mary Pankey.
The School Board for the West Point Consolidated School District adjourned.