WPCSD kicks off 2017-2018 school year

New West Point Consolidated School District teachers got to know each other before the first day of school during Monday night’s New Teacher Orientation.West Point Consolidated School District teachers and administrators prepared for the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year during the District Wide Assembly on Tuesday morning.
Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

West Point Consolidated School District teachers and administrators are preparing for the first day of school on Aug. 7.

Community Relations Coordinator Julie Hill said WPCSD has its New Teacher Orientation Monday night.

Hill said Superintendent Burnell McDonald gave a welcome message and then the District Leadership Team and the 22 new teachers introduced themselves and played icebreaker games.

Hill said East Side teacher Christina Vance and West Point High School Teacher Kathryn Cooper, who were new teachers last year, spoke and gave the new teachers advice and pointers, and the District Leadership team gave “Tips to Start the School Year Strong."

This year’s new teachers are Christy Adams, April Acker, Paula Crawford, Alissa Fogle, Katie Roach, Erin Godfrey, Shannon Grannon, Danica Hardy, Jasmine Horton, Audrey Maddox, David Matusiak, Kristina Meyer, Will Nations, Daphne Robertson, Kenna Vowell, Monica Woolbright, Beverly Blake, Katie Thompson, Hannah Weston, Donta Yates, Danyelle Dismuke and Christina Roush.

McDonald said there would also be some changes in administration this school year.

Brad Cox transferred from Assistant Principal at Central School to Principal at West Clay Elementary. Talisha Cheeks is new to the district and will be Assistant Principal at Fifth Street Junior High. Shameeka Deanes transferred from teacher at Central School to Assistant Principal at Central School. Jon Oswalt transferred from teacher at WPHS to Assistant Principal at Church Hill and South Side Elementary.

Hill said WPCSD held its District Wide Assembly Tuesday morning at WPHS South Campus, where McDonald and the District Leadership Team spoke and offered encouragement and advice for the new school year.

Hill said door prizes were also donated by Bright Horizons partners.

“We’ve had an exciting opening week,” McDonald said. “The climate and enthusiasm among teachers was awesome.”

McDonald since most students are dropped off by their parents on the first days of school instead of riding the bus, some traffic is to be expected.

“The first few days are always hectic,” McDonald said. “We ask that parents and the community be patient because the traffic won’t last. After the second week of school, it will be back to normal.”

McDonald said he was optimistic and excited about the upcoming school year.

“Our goal for this year is to continue to grow in our four main areas: safety, student achievement, community and parental involvement and use of technology,” McDonald said.

The WPCSD Board of Trustees will meet at 5:30 on Aug. 14 at the WPCSD Central Office.