Westside Animal Clinic to sponsor pet photos

In and Out Studio to offer pet photos at Westside Veterinary Clinic
Staff Writer

Westside Veterinary Clinic is hosting Anderson's In and Out Photography August 10, 11 and 12. For a $10 sitting fee with packages starting at $35, pet parents can have professional photos of their pets or children as a forever keepsake. The sitting fee will be donated to a local agency that specializes in animal adoptions.

"We ask that those who want to take advantage of this service, call and make an appointment," Dr. Susan Hesse, owner of Westside Veterinary Clinic said. "We offered this around ten years ago and everyone seemed to come at the same time. We want to be as organized as possible."

Hesse said previously there was a long wait time and she doesn't want those wishing to participate to be inconvenienced, especially in the August heat.

"This is for any type of pets,"Hesse said. "Not just dogs and cats. We invite people to bring their children and pets, guinea pigs, iguanas or other exotics. We want people to have quality portraits. Out pets are family."

She said Anderson's In and Out Studio is completely self-contained and will be set up in her parking lot. This is not a drive up and drop pets off. Owners must be present during the photo shoot.

"I wanted to do something fun for the community and what is more fun than having your picture taken with your pets," Hesse said. "There are places to get pet photos during Christmas, but this is something you can display all year round. Everyone loves their pets and are proud to show them off. Pet photos are a wonderful way to do that."

Hesse said to plan for the photo session to take at least 45 minutes. That's one of the reasons to make appointments. If it is first come first served it may take longer that time has been budgeted for. Making an appointment is the best way to handle this type of event.

Anderson's In and Out Studio is dedicated to capturing the personality of each pet and the unique bond they have with their owners. Each portrait is a moment to cherish and remember forever. 
Patsy Harrison, of In and Out Studio has ten years of experience in pet behavior and working with pets to get the best image. Those photographers use patience and gentle methods in a clean and unhurried environment to keep pets and owners photo experience stress free.

It is a fully mobile studio. they go where you go. They can provide pet parents with a comfortable studio environment or travel to natural surroundings fitting any lifestyle and personality. The mobile studio is equipped with modern technology for quality professional images in comfort.

For more information or to make an appointment, call Westside Vererinary Clinic at 494-2101.