West Point native returns home to Mossy Oak course

William B. Carroll

A young golfer’s dream, short of being the next PGA Tour superstar, is to get the chance to work at or be a part of a major golf course. For West Point native Gary Billington, that dream came true recently, when he was offered the chance of a lifetime to return to his hometown and work at the new Mossy Oak Golf Club.
Billington, who graduated from Oak Hill Academy, also attended Mississippi State University. There, he received his bachelor’s of business administration in finance. Prior to coming to Mossy Oak Golf Club, Billington interned for the late Rep. Alan Nunnelee, and participated in a sales internship in Orlando working with the Disney Corporation. For the last two years, Billington has been working in Charlotte, North Carolina for The Vanguard Group. Billington said he worked in the group’s Voyager Select Services division as a personal advisor. Part of the attraction of working for Vanguard was working closely with his older brother Morgan.
“He got a job with Vanguard in April of 2013,” Billington said. “Through the course of coming out to see him, I met people he worked with and eventually had an opportunity of my own.”
Billington said he moved to Charlotte in October of 2013, and continued to work for Vanguard until an opportune call brought him back home.
“I really enjoyed my time there, but I had started looking at other possible opportunities back home,” he said.
At that point, he got a phone call from Mossy Oak partner and Old Waverly Chairman George Bryan about a possible opportunity to work for the area’s newest golf club.
“Mr. Bryan called and talked with me about the club,” he said. “Eventually I met with him and other founders at Old Waverly.”
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