Water plant rehab bids authorized

Selectmen Ken Poole, right, asks a question during the discussion Monday night about the new substation project while Selectman William Binder listens.
Staff Writer
Converting the city’s electric service from the current outdated 46 kV system to a more modern 161 kV system isn’t the only major project West Point Water and Light has going on. 
The Board of Selectmen approved the $4 million conversion, which will benefit the new Peco Foods operation and city customers, at its meeting Tuesday night. The change, which will be done during the next 18 months and include two new substations and a revamped one, won’t cause an increase in electric rates. 
During their meeting Tuesday night, Selectmen also authorized engineer Stanley Spradling to take bids for refurbishing the city’s north water treatment plan off North Eshman. It’s one of two city plants and the one producing the city’s water supply currently. 
Spradling plans to take bids the first week in June. Work likely will begin in July and take as much as 150 days. 
The project is estimated to cost about $500,000, but the water and light department has money set aside in its budget from water and sewer revenues to pay for the project. 
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