Very Superstitious: Locals discuss Friday the 13th

Staff Writer

This year had two months where the thirteenth day fell on a Friday, April and today. For whatever reason, when the thirteenth day of the month falls on a Friday, some people become a little anxious.

They try to avoid cats of a certain color, walking under ladders or breaking mirrors. While others simply ignore the day and are just happy that it’s finally the weekend, fear of Friday the 13th is paraskavedekatriaphobia. That’s scary enough to try to spell or pronounce.

Whether today is just another day, the birthday of a certain hokey masked killer who has spawned 12 movies, or a day to hang around the house, some West Point residents were happy to share their thoughts on Friday the 13th.

Shea Watson is a fan of all things spooky was eager to share his opinion of today.

“I’ve always been superstitious because it seems like bad things always happen to me on Friday the 13th,” Watson said. “Even when I was little. The school bus broke down on Friday the 13th. Maybe that wasn’t extremely unlucky.”

The next year Watson said he almost drowned on a Friday the 13th. “I don’t know whether I almost drown because I couldn’t swim,” Watson said. "Or Jason Vorhees had something to do with it. It’s 50/50, but I think I’ll just stay home today.”

Darlene Cox said she has seen her share of joy and tragedy associated with the date.

“I like cats, but I really don’t like black cats,” Cox said. “I stay away from ladders. I think something might fall off and hit me.”

Cox said as far as Friday the 13th is concerned, it’s a date when both her father and mother passed way, in different years. It would be too much to stand to lose them both on the same day.

“My son was born on Friday the 13th,” Cox said. “So it is a day of happiness for me too. So good things and bad things have happened. Thursday I got everything done. I don’t want to tempt fate by being out today. I’ll just stay home with Major and GeeGee, my dog and be still.”

Scofield White was hard at work at West Point TV and Appliance, but he took a moment to talk about Friday the 13th.

“I’m not superstitious,” White said. “I’m going about my business. I work every day. I don’t have time to worry about Friday the 13th, I have too much work to do today.”

Taylor Harris was shelving books at the Bryan Public Library and took a short break to talk about Friday the 13th.

“I don’t really think about the day,” Harris said. “If someone mentions it, I think about the movie franchise. I am slightly superstitious. I want to please God everyday. So I try to treat other people the way I want them to treat me. I think if you do good things, good things will come back to you. That’s as superstitious as I get.”

Priscilla Ivy, reference librarian at the BPL, said she is not superstitious at all.

“I love the books and movies that center around such superstitions as Friday the 13th,” Ivy said. “I enjoy the fun side of it.”

Ivy said she does understand the fear of certain days of when a tragedy may have taken place on a date.

“But no,” Ivy said. “Friday the 13th is just another wonderful day to me.”

Ivy did refuse to have her photograph taken to accompany her opinion. Maybe she is superstitious when it comes to having her picture taken.