Two arrested after vending machine burglaries

Pennington, left, and Stewart
DTL Staff
Staff Writer

Two West Point residents have been charged with breaking into vending machines at two area businesses.

According to West Point Police, 52-year-old William C. Stewart, of Lee Street, and 39-year-old Shevilla Maria Pennington are charged with burglary and Pennington is charged with credit card fraud.

Stewart is charged in connection with the April 28 burglary of vending machines at Ellis Steel on Bugg Street and the theft of some tools from the buildings. Both are charged with the May 2 burglary at Jim’s Tire on Main Street where vending machines were damaged and coins were taken from a cash register in the office. Credit cards also were reported missing.

Investigators had both as possible suspects because they lived in the area near the businesses. A search of Pennington’s residence on Forest Street discovered some items taken during the burglaries, including a credit card, according to Det. Ramirez Ivy.

Pennington had been arrested in January ion trespassing and simple assault charges.

Their bonds are set at $10,000 each.