Thoughts from West Point's football season

Collin Brister
Sports Writer

4. West Point head coach Chris Chambless admitted that if there was a book telling you how to coach, it probably would have told him to kick it at the Laurel one-yard line in the fourth quarter to put West Point up 19-8. I’m not sure such book exists, but I’ve never agreed more with a call. West Point had already missed an extra point in the contest, and if the Green Wave line up for a field goal and miss it, Laurel would have gotten it at the 20. If West Point was stopped short going for it, they would have gotten it at their own one-foot line. With West Point up by a touchdown and two-point conversion, even if Laurel had stopped them, the odds that the Golden Tornadoes were going to go 99-yards on that defense were about the same as me winning the Heisman Trophy next Saturday.