Third party utility payment sites could cause late fees

Josh Presley

Local officials are warning West Point residents that using a third-party website to pay utility bills could lead to late fees or disconnection of services.
The City of West Point’s official site,, allows customers to pay their electric bills online, with the payment then credited directly to the account. Third-party payment sites may not be as direct.
These sites, such as, allow users to pay bills to a wide range of service providers, including electrical bills for the City of West Point. West Point Water and Light Director Boodro Marsac said doxo was a legitimate site providing a legitimate service, but that users should be aware of the time differential in payments.
“I’d compare it to something like PayPal,” Marsac said. “When you go on there and search for West Point Water and Light, it brings up our phone number, our address and shows a screenshot and link to our website.”
He said that if a customer used doxo, the payment would come to the Water and Light Department, but the problem was when.
Water and Light Department Office Manager Debra Young said two customers had used doxo to pay their electrical bills as of last week, and in both cases, the payment took 7-10 days to arrive at the electric department.
“In one case, the payment came through after the customer’s disconnect date,” Young said. “They were disconnected, and called and told us they’d paid and we had nothing.”