Supes get go-ahead for grants, road improvements

Missy Younger, Congressman Trent Kelly's Field Representative, congratulated Supervisor Shelton Deanes on being inducted to West Point's Hall of Fame. (Photo by Donna Summerall, DTL)
Staff Writer

The Clay County Board of Supervisors had several things on the agenda during its meeting on Thursday.

Golden Triangle Planning and Development District Project Analyst Phylis Benson had previously brought it to the attention of the Board of Supervisors that there are grants available from the USDA for purchasing equipment.

"I will need some quotes for a backhoe for District 3, and a tractor for District 4," Benson said. "It will be a 75% matching grant up to $50,000. I'll need to know exactly what you want."

Benson said they also need to schedule a public hearing.

Chancery Clerk Amy Berry asked for the board to give her the authority to advertise for the public hearing and the board approved the request.

"I would also like for you to remind your constituents about the upcoming Census," Benson said. "It will be delivered by mail. If they fail to fill out and return the Census after it has been mailed twice, someone will come to their home to help with the form. This is so important to our area."

County Engineer Robert Calvert came to report on the West Church Hill Road project.

"We received a clearance from Ray Robinson," Calvert said. "We can't go ahead with preparing the plans until the application is approved by environmental. We will prepare the plans and then take bids. We will be ready to advertise for the bids by late April."
Berry said she had been in contact with Roger Pryor about hiring Waterproofing Systems, Inc., to repair the cracks in the Justice Court Complex.

"Roger said they were agreeable to fix both the cracks at the front and back of the complex," Berry said.

Board Attorney Angela Turner-Ford said the warranty agreement guarantees the work for two years, was in order.

The Board of Supervisors approved the hiring of Waterproofing Systems, Inc. for the repairs.

Missy Younger, Congressman Trent Kelly's Field Representative, attended the meeting of the Clay County Board of Supervisors to congratulate Shelton Deanes on being inducted into the West Point Hall of Fame.

"I provided Shelton Deanes with a copy of the Congressional meeting on the House Floor where Congressman Trent Kelly mentioned his award," Younger said. "It is now a matter of record with the United States Congress."

The Board was asked to authorize and approve invoices for ERBR Cane Creek Bridge Project as certified by the County Engineer. Calvert Spradling Engineers came in at $9,316.88, while Tanner Construction was $90.643.71.

Supervisors authorized and approved the invoices.

The board also approved to publish signage for video surveillance at the Brame Avenue Voting Precinct, with plans to eventually provide signage for all buildings.

The meeting was recessed until Thursday, March 26, at 9 a.m.