Supes approve private cemetery

Clay County Supervisors heard Janice Quinn's petition to use a designated parcel of land on her property in the Tibbee Community as a private cemetery.
Staff Writer

The Clay County Board of Supervisors met Thursday morning with several topics on the agenda.

Mississippi State Senator, Angela Turner Ford, attorney for Janice Quinn, presented supervisors with a petition to allow Quinn to use a parcel of land on her property, for a private family cemetery, Pursuant of Section 41-43-1 (2) of Mississippi Code of 1972. As the land is not within 500 yards of a public or private hospital or other medical facility wherein sick or injured individuals are kept overnight.

"We do have a cemetery in Tibbee," Quinn said. "But we need another one. I want to donate this property to be used as a place for burial."

The board agreed to accept the petition and granted Quinn the right to set up a private cemetery on her property.

Robert Calvert discussed an elevation issue on the Cane Creek Bridge.

"The bridge was built in 1959," Calvert said. "I would like for the board to write a letter acknowledging that a small amount of water may go over the bridge occasionally."

The board voted to provide such a letter.

Chancery Clerk Amy Berry said there would need to be work done toward the upcoming 2019 county budget.

"It's time to look at next year's budget," Betty said. "We need to work on the budget July 9, and continue July 16. We hope to have everything finalized by the last week in August."

District 5 Supervisor Joe Chandler, requested authority for his employee Robert Gaskin to sign purchase order invoices that were less than $1,000.

The board voted to allow it.

District 3 Supervisor, R.B. Davis discussed with other board members an issue with the emulsion tank heating element.

"We need to find someone who is familiar with this sort of tank," Davis said.

District 4 Supervisor Shelton Deanes was seeking approval to advertise for someone to do hot mix layer for a portion of Lake Grove Road and Randle Road. The board approved the advertising for this project.
District 2 Supervisor Luke Lummus submitted the 911 calls made during the month of May.

Ambulance - 237
Clay County Volunteer Fire Dept. - 71
West Point Fire Dept. - 37
Clay County Sheriff Dept. - 774
West Point Police Dept. - 1297
All other - 265

There was a total of 2,681.

The Board of Supervisors discussed the upcoming Mississippi Association of Supervisors in Biloxi, the week of June 11-14.

District 1 Supervisor Lynn Horton adjourned the meeting until Thursday, June 28.