Supervisors discuss funding for sanitation truck

Staff Writer

The CCBOS welcomed George Crawford from the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District.
"Luke got in touch with me about an application for a sanitation truck for District 4," Carwford said. "The grant rate in District 4 is 75 percent. in District 1 and 3 is 55 percent and 2 and 4 don't qualify. We think the best thing to do is apply for the truck in District 4 and get an up to 75 percent grant."
It would be up to a $50,000 grant, according to Crawford.

"The truck will probably cost around $120,000," Lummus said. "For the truck and compactor."
Crawford brought a resolution to the supervisors who accepted the resolution unanimously to begin the grant application.
"The first step is to have a public hearing notice advertised in the paper," Crawford said. "It will be Thursday, August 6, when we have the public hearing."

Torriet Collins spoke to the supervisors concerning R C Road, near Payne Field Road. A portion of the road is gravel that has issues for those who, like Collins, reside on that road.
"The part of the road where I reside is rock," Collins said. "And it has large potholes where the gravel has washed away. The road is horrible, when it rains it becomes even worse. We are tearing up our vehicles on the road. If we have an emergency and need to leave quickly, we have to literally creep along to keep from tearing up our cars."
People who live on the road have called the county and they were informed that the road is privately owned and the county cannot help without the owners permission.
"We don't understand how the road can be private," Collins said. "There are several families who live on the road."

Joe Chandler said R C Road is in District 1, under the jurisdiction of Lynn Horton, who was not present at the meeting.
"Where we stay is way in the back," Collins said. "Its all rock road back there. They keep saying that our part of the road is private and we don't understand how it can be."
What steps can we take to have the county adopt the road, asked Collins.
"Robert Calvert would be able to tell you how to get it up to specs," Lummus said. "But it will take everyone chipping in to pay to get it to the point where it can be deeded to the county for upkeep."
But if everyone won't help with the getting the road in the shape it has to be in, then it falls on just a few, but everyone, even the ones who refuse to help will benefit, according to Lummus. It should be shared equally to make it fair for everyone who lives on the road.
"How do we get in contact with Robert Calvert," Collins asked.
Lummus said he would have Lynn Horton speak with Calvert to find out what needs to be done to the road. Then they will get in touch with Collins to let her know what needs to be done and how to go about preparing the road.

Horton is the one who has told not only Collins but other residents that the road is private and there is nothing to be done, according to Collins.
County Attorney Angela Ford asked for all of the information so she can look into what can be done.
"From there we can speak with Lynn Horton," Ford said. "Then we can find out what steps we need to take."
Collins was pleased with the CCBOS and their willingness to listen to her issues.

Clay County Tax Collector/Assessor Porsha Lee brought forth a request submitted from the Prairie Belt Blues Foundation.
"The Prairie Belt Blues Foundation submitted a request for Ad Valorem Tax Exemption," Lee said. "They are a 501 C3 organization."
The supervisors authorized and approved the tax exemption unanimously.

The Clay County Board of Supervisors then authorized and approved the following:
The payment of the Net monthly Gross Fee Income.
Final approval for the tax exemption on Plumb CreeK Environmental Technologies as received from the Mississippi Department of Revenue.
Constable travel to Vicksburg.
The reappointment of Scott Ross and Kyle Chandler to the Econmomic Development Board to serve a three year term.
LINK invoice for payment in the amount of $604.50, and for the clerk to to invoice the City of West Point for one-half of the invoice.
The supervisors then went into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter.
No action was taken on this matter.