Sundbeck donates 27.5 acres to WPCSD

Josh Presley

Southern Ionics President Milton Sundbeck donated 27.5 acres of land to the West Point Consolidated School District last week, which the school board accepted at its Monday meeting.
WPCSD Superintendent Burnell McDonald said that the school district had been discussing the donation with Sundbeck for a while, and that the school board was still discussing possibilities for what to do with the land.
“One of the things that had been talked about was building a new high school, but with budget cuts on the state level, that’s not something we can do right now,” McDonald said. “That type of project would require a school bond.”
Sundbeck said he was confident the school district would find a way to utilize the land — located on Highway 50 East, just south of Calvert Funeral Home — to further the educational needs of the community.