Student graduates from EMCC and WPHS in the same year

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

West Point High School senior Kaliyah Hughes graduated with an associate’s degree from East Mississippi Community College before she graduated from high school.
Hughes said she began taking college courses as a full time student online and at the Mayhew campus when she was a junior in high school.
“I thought it would be a great way to get ahead and start my career as soon as possible,” Hughes said.
WPHS counselor Missy Brown said students could enroll in college courses while still in high school if they had a 2.5 GPA, completed 14 credits and had taken the ACT.
“It is just a matter of applying online and taking the courses,” Brown said.
Hughes said after graduating, she wanted to spend the summer working as an assistant to a psychologist or youth advisor before pursuing a doctorate in psychology from University of Southern Mississippi.
She said after receiving her doctorate, she then wanted to teach at a community college while working toward owning her own clinic and practice.
Hughes said her fascination with how the brain works made her want to pursue a career as a psychologist.
“I think it is amazing how the brain works and how it is controlled by our situations around us,” she said.
Hughes said she worked hard to earn her associate’s degree while still in high school, but she was happy that she did it.
“The experience was very stressful and time consuming,” she said. “I had to make a lot of sacrifices, but I’m excited to have it done.”
Brown said that dual enrolling not only helped students get ahead academically, but it also had financial benefits because WPHS paid for students’ textbooks, and students also pay a lower tuition cost.