Strong Hill M.B. Church offering summer camp for kids

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

Strong Hill M.B. Church is offering a summer camp for kids ages 4-15 throughout the summer from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. for $30 per child per week.
Pastor Jerrold Greenwood said the first camp session began May 30 and will last until June 30, but children were still welcome to attend.
He said the second session will begin July 5 and last until July 28.
“There is no real difference between the two sessions,” Greenwood said. “We wanted to split the camp up so kids wouldn’t miss anything if their family went on vacation or had another activity planned.”
Greenwood said kids were not required to attend the camp for a whole session.
He said the camp would feature one hour of academic activities focusing on reading, writing and math and one hour of Bible studies. The camp will also focus on health and safety, anti-bullying and conflict resolution skills, according to Greenwood.
“The whole idea of the camp is for it to be a safe haven for kids during the summer and an academic enrichment program,” Greenwood said. “The goal is to get the kids to their appropriate reading level or a level nigher.”
He said teachers, tutors and volunteers would be at the camp working with the children.
He said there would also be arts and crafts, games and swimming along with the academic and Bible studies.
Greenwood said breakfast and lunch will be provided daily.
Visit Strong Hill M.B. Church, located at 325 Barton Ferry Rd., to register for the camp, or call Pastor Greenwood at 601-919-7122 for more information.