St. Nicholas to visit Episcopal Church tonight

Mamie Molina and Trey Andrews talk to St. Nicholas about the crozier he carries, when he visited the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation last December.
Staff Writer

The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation is expecting a special visitor tonight at 6 p.m. St. Nicholas will be at the church. There will be cookies, milk and hot chocolate. The public is welcome to attend.

"We haven't done Cookies with St. Nicholas every year," said Lynn Ronaldi, Episcopal priest. "But this year we are also offering pictures with St. Nicholas for $5, Christina Rausch is the photographer."

Ronaldi said Rausch is donating all the proceeds from the photos to the Usry family.

"Even though their lives are at a standstill right now, there continues to be electric bills, house payments, things of that nature," Ronaldi said. "We want to do what we can to help the Usrys."

Ronaldi said the church has several parishioners who are friends of the Usrys. She said Ivy Ivey was the one who suggested this as a fundraiser.

"During this week we ponder Mary," Ronaldi said. "We think about how she was feeling as a young mother. Her fear of the unknown We think about Heather suffering with her own child. We will use a device to be with Lila during our visit with St. Nicholas to make her feel part of what we are doing."

Ronaldi said it's not just our parishioners but others in the community have volunteered to bring cookies and milk. She said the church wants to show its love for those who are in need and wants to use the St. Nicholas event .
" It hasnlt been open to the public previously," Ronaldi said. "We have invited friends and neighbors before but never as a community event or to raise funds but this was the perfect time to use it to do something for a family that needs help, support and love during this Christmas season."

Lias Klutts, a parishioner, said it's not the traditional Santa Claus in the red suit and it isn't everyday you get to meet the person the tradition of Santa Claus originated from.

According to the St. Nicholas Center is the patron saint of children and was considered a protector of children during turbulent times. That is the version that will be at the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, tonight.

"Mike Goree has been portraying St. Nicholas at the church for years, but this is the first time we are hosting the event at night. It is free to attend, the photos are $5 and the money raised goes to the Usry family. Come and join us for cookies and milk with St. Nicholas."