Shirley Gidden, Mississippi Civitan Northern District Coordinator visited the West Point Civitan Luncheon Club Wednesday.

Staff Writer

The West Point Civitan Luncheon Club welcomed Mississippi Civitan Northern District Coordinator, Shirley Gidden, as a special guest during Wednesday's meeting at North Mississippi Medical Center in the Education Room.

"I'm sure all of you remember John Longmire," Gidden said. "I've taken over this district for him. I'll pop in and out during each quarter to see if I can do anything for you. I will be visiting all the clubs in the district."

She said there would be an upcoming meeting in Biloxi and asked if any of the Civitans planned to attend.

"We have to send in the registration fee for two members," Irma Daily, secretary of the WPCLC said. "I can't speak for Jay Jackson, I don't know if he plans to attend or not. But we have to pay the registration fees regardless."

She said if any members planned to go she needed to know in order to make arrangements on their behalf.

"We've missed the early registration date," Daily said. "But if anyone plans to go I'm sure there are still rooms available. The convention begins Thursday, August 10, so we need to know as soon as possible."

Daily announced district dues need to be paid. She said she had heard the date was backed up for paying each club's Civitan International dues. So they were not due at this time.

"We are still needing a president-elect,' Daily said."Our president, Jay Jackson, works in Tupelo and is not always able to attend the meetings. We need a president - elect/vice president who can take over when he is unable to attend."

During the last meeting of the WPCLC, several members nominated Acie Vance for the position of president - elect. Vance declined at that time, asking for time to consider taking the position.
New officers must be installed by the October meeting.

"All of our officers opted to stay in the same positions for the new club year," Daily said. "We have co-treasurers, Patsy Grice and Betty Mason, who are both new to the position and are being trained. But the president - elect is still unresolved."
Vance declined providing an answer until he was able to speak with Jackson about what the position would entail with Jackson's absences.

"Let me talk to Jay first," Vance said. "I can give you my answer then. I need to know how often he plans to be here in the coming year. I'm not saying no, but I'm not saying yes either. I'll talk to Jay and make my decision."

Daily said the next meeting, at noon, Wednesday, August 16, will be a program meeting. Alvin Quinn will bring a DVD presentation of what Civitan International does.

"We are hoping to have former Junior Civitan, Jeffrey Pittman talk to us about how being involved with Jr. Civitan gave him a boost after high school," Daily said. "He enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at MUW, and is a manager at Captain D's here in West Point. We'd love to hear how he's doing."

Daily said next week is a perfect time for people who have heard of Civitan but don't know what they do, to come and visit.

"We will provide light refreshments and hope to have many people come," Daily said. "Anyone who wants to come are welcome to join us for the next meeting. We want the public to know what Civitan stands for."

Quinn had suggested at an earlier meeting that the club utilize the hospital cafeteria to provide the food as a way to support them.
The club will offer sandwiches and chips for their next meeting, "Getting to Know the Civitans."