Scott and Oswalt awarded STAR Student and Teacher

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

West Point High School senior Sarah Scott and US History teacher Jon Oswalt were awarded Student Teacher Achievement Recognition Award for 2017.
WPHS Counselor Missy Brown said the STAR Student was picked based on grade point average and ACT scores.
“The student must have a minimum grade average of 93 in core courses, and a minimum ACT score of 25 to be considered for STAR Student,” Brown said.
Brown said Scott has a 4.02 GPA, which was an average of 96.92, and received a 30 on the ACT.
Scott said she was a member of the soccer team for six years, and she was currently the team captain. Scott said she was also a member of the National Honors Society and National Technical Honors Society.
“I was excited to be STAR Student because it means more scholarship money and it’s a good title to have,” Scott said.
Scott said after graduation, she planned to attend Mississippi State University and major in Geology.
“I don’t really know what I want to do as a career, but I want a job where I can work outside and inside because I love being outside,” Scott said.
Brown said the STAR Student picked who was awarded STAR Teacher.
“I chose Mr. Oswalt because he’s a really fun teacher, and he is just my favorite,” Scott said. “All of his students love him.”
Scott said Oswalt teaches US History, which was a class that has a state test.
“He also helped all of his students prepare well for the US History state test,” Scott said.
Brown said Scott and Oswalt will be recognized during Awards day at 10 a.m. on May 19.