Reed takes decorating skill to the White House

Scott Reed, owner of Petal pushers, applied for and was chosen to be on a decorating team at the White House to decorate America's Home for the Christmas season.
Staff Writer

Scott Reed, owner of Petal Pushers, applied to be part of the decorating team that decks the halls at the White House for the Christmas season.

"It was such an honor to be chosen to be on the team," Reed said. "It was a wonderful experience and I'm very glad that I was part of Christmas at the White House."

Reed said his main project was to be part of the team that decorated the tree in the Blue Room. After completing that task, he also worked in the Red Room.

"The Blue Room tree is considered the main Christmas tree," Reed said. "And it is the one where each ornament on the tree represents a state or a territory that is part of the United States. I hung the Mississippi ornament. It was so exciting to be part of the decorating team."

He said the staff was great and everyone pitched in to help make sure all the displays were beautiful.

"The first lady, Melania Trump, had been working with the leading designers since May," Reed said. "And we walked in to meet with the lead decorators for each team and they knew exactly what she wanted and how it was supposed to look. Everyone was so nice to work with and the White House looked phenomenal."

Reed said when the First Lady came to talk with them, it was like being in a movie and everything was perfect.

"A lot of thought went into the decorations for each room," Reed said. "They removed rugs, furniture, vases and other things from the room so nothing would be damaged. After the rooms were decorated, everything was brought back in to its normal place."

Reed said he was amazed at how well the decorations coordinated with the rooms. He said the designers understood how to keep the decorations from overpowering the rooms. It all looked perfect.

Reed said the decorations did not compete with the rugs, furniture or art in the room. He said everything in the room was a perfect compliment to everything else.

"We were allowed to make suggestions to the lead designers if we had an idea," Reed said. "So we put our own spin on a few things. So we did have some creative freedom."

He said everyone worked well together and it showed with how beautiful the rooms were.

"After we were through looking at the Blue Room and the Red Room," Reed said. "We went to the hallway that was decorated with the silvery branches. It was gorgeous."

Reed said it made no difference who was occupying the White House, he was proud to be part of the history and the beauty of the Christmas season that goes on in Washington D.C.

"Everything about the White House at Christmas is meticulously documented," Reed said. "So I'm a part of that proud history. There were several decorators who had been part of the decoration teams for more than 20 years."

Reed said he had been asked it he would apply again to be part of the White House decorating team.

"At first I thought no, because it puts so much work on my staff at Petal Pushers," Reed said. "And there are people whose homes I decorate every year. But it was so wonderful that I might think about applying again."

Reed said he made many friends during his time at the White House. He said he plans to keep in touch with them.

“It was so well organized," Reed said. "Every little detail was attended to. Daniel Fisher had great knowledge of the White House. The staff only had good things to say about him. I was proud to work with a fellow from the same area in Mississippi."