Questions surround shattered window at Coon Tattoo

Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

Coon Tattoo owner Robbie Koch went in the back door of Coon Tattoo to prepare to open the shop Thursday morning and found shattered glass everywhere and a broken front window. Koch reported the damage to the West Point Police Department.
“Robbie found the damage first,” Linda Koch, owner of Coon Tattoo, said. “He got there about 9:45 a.m. He called me all upset. He thought that someone had broken into the shop.”
Upon inspection, nothing had been taken from the shop. Assistant Police Chief Albert Lee of the West Point Police Department was on the scene, taking photos, talking to the Koch’s and collecting evidence.
“Since nothing was taken from the shop, we think it may have been kids,” Linda Koch said. “They may have been playing on the bench outside the window and broke it, or someone did it for the sake of vandalizing property. Some people think its fun to damage other people’s property.”
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