Question and Answer With Bud Bowen

Collin Brister
Sports Writer

Bud Bowen is the radio announcer for the West Point football team. Bowen sat down with the Daily Times Leader on Monday to discuss the upcoming Green Wave season along with other topics in the world of sports.
On West Point’s football team
Bowen: “I think that we’re going to be just as dominant as we were last season. We really showed up on the defensive line last year and dominated opponents, and I think that we’re going to be able to do that again. I think that if someone else is going to win the state championship, they’ll have to go through us. The north (half of 5A) is the better district, and I think that someone up here will have to go through us to make it to the state championship game.
On quarterback Marcus Murphy
Bowen: “He’s just a great athlete, and a really good football player. He can do whatever the coaches need him to do, and that’s really going to help us out this year. He can throw the football well and that’ll make defenses respect him down the field. He can really run it to, and that’s going to be a bonus.
On running back Chris Calvert
Bowen: “He was a load when he came back for us last season. He played really well in the playoffs, and we know that now that we have him for a full season, eh’s going to be able to play really well.”
On West Point’s defense
Bowen: “They were really good last year, and I don’t think that will be any different with this team. They were not able to block Terence Cherry all year last year, and I don’t see how anyone is going to be able to block him this year either.”
On his favorite baseball team, The Dodgers
Bowen: “I really like how we’re playing right now, but I’m worried that with how we’re playing we’re going to choke in the postseason. I really liked that they traded for Yu (Darvish), and I think that he’ll make our pitching staff a lot better this year. Clayton (Kershaw) is the second best pitcher in Dodger’s history, and if he can pitch well in October, they’ll have a real shot at making a run towards a world series title. “
On Mississippi State’s 2017 season
Bowen: “They’re going to be a much improved team. They strugged at times last year, but that quarterback (Nick Fitzgerald) really improved throughout last season, and I think that he’ll be able to move the football on a lot of teams. They’re going to win more games this year than they did last season.”
On Ole Miss’ 2017 season
Bowen: “ They’re going to be able to move the football on everyone, and that’ll help them throughout the season. (Shea) Patterson played really well for them last year, and I expect him to have big season this year. “