Q&A with West Point radio announcer Bud Bowen

Staff Writer

The Daily Times Leader was able to sit down with West Point radio announcer Bud Bowen to get his thoughts on Green Wave football.

Q: What was your reaction to the scuffle by the two teams before the game?

A: “My reaction was ‘Please West Point, get back out of the way because we’ve got more games to play. I feel like we’re going to win this game and we certainly don’t want to lose some of our best players because of some exchange of words.’”

Q: West Point has had a running clock for the entire second half in four straight games. What does this say about the Green Wave’s ability to put the game away so quickly?

A: “I think those are coaches decisions on the part of the team that’s trailing.”

Q: Do you think it says something for the Green Wave’s ability to beat teams into submission?

A: “I don’t think the running clock has anything to do with our game plan. We just want to come out and do what we always do, which is hit people in the mouth and establish control of the football game. If the running clock happens to be part of the situation then that is fine and dandy.”

Q: West Point set a school record last week with their 10th and 11th blocked kicks on the year. What does that say about the Green Wave’s emphasis on special teams?

A: “I think the special teams has bought into the same thing the offense and defense has bought into. They want to come to the party and they’ve given extra effort.”

Q: West Point has a rematch with Grenada this Friday in the second round of the playoffs. Do you expect the game to go any differently this time?

A: “I expect West Point to win, but at the same time, I expect Chambless is probably preaching to his kids that although we’re rated this high, nobody has really given us respect because they think that our opponents have been weak.”

Q: Can you tell our readers that can’t make the trip to Grenada how they can hear the broadcast of Friday’s game?

A: “For the first time, we will be broadcast on the radio, on Laser 96.1. You can still find us streaming online, but the mom and pops that don’t use the computer can pick us up on 96.1. We’re very excited to be on the radio.”