Q&A with West Point Radio Announcer Bud Bowen

Brian Hamilton
Daily Times Leader

The Daily Times Leader recently caught up with West Point High School radio announcer Bud Bowen to get his take on the Green Wave going into its next game on the road at Saltillo Friday night.

Q: What were your takeaways from Friday night’s game against Grenada?

A: “I think it was the best two games that West Point has played back-to-back, and I say that because they’d been told how good Olive Branch was, and to go out and handle them and to keep it going versus Grenada.”

Q: Did the Green Wave perform to your expectations?

A: “I really thought that we played so well that it caused Grenada not to play so well. I really thought they would play harder for Coach Kuhn against West Point, since he’d been here before, but that seemed not to be the case on Friday night.”

Q: What did you think of how well the defense played, pitching a shutout?

A: “I thought it was an excellent defensive effort, because one thing Grenada does have is speed, and we just nullified their speed. They just couldn’t get out of their tracks like they wanted to and they had some quick people, but we really stood our ground Friday night.”

Q: What did you think of Marcus Murphy’s play on Friday night?

A: “He’s so unselfish. You know, if he were really a self-centered person, he could probably lead the state in everything. He is so concerned with making sure his teammates get their share of the wealth and he just spreads it around.”

Q: What do you think of the matchup against Saltillo this Friday?

A: “Without being disrespectful to Saltillo, Coach Byrd does a wonderful job at Saltillo, but he doesn’t have the guns we’ve got. This game will probably be one sided, but I hope the effort from Saltillo is tough like always. As far as predicting the score, I’m pretty sure West Point will coast in this one.”

Q: Anything you are looking forward to on this road trip to Saltillo?

A: “Bishop’s. If you ever go to Saltillo, go to Bishop’s BBQ. They’ve got them all over the Tupelo area.”