Police investigate 'stalking' incident

DTL Staff
Staff Writer

A 19-year-old West Point woman gets the "the scare of her life" when she is followed by a man and asked sexually suggestive questions.

West Point Police have questioned the man and continue to investigative, Police Chief Avery Cook said.

The incident started in the Wal Mart parking lot Saturday evening when the woman was leaving Wal Mart going to One B Fashion on Main Street. As she was backing out of her parking space, the older white man wearing sunglasses stopped his white, two-door truck and allowed her to back up, according to Cook.

He followed her to the other store and as she walked from her car, pulled up as if to ask for directions.

The man told her he'd been watching her "walk around Wal Mart," made a comment about her legs, and other suggestive remarks, according to Cook and the woman's Facebook post about the incident.

She started "freaking out," and called out as if she saw a friend. She started walking away and called police as the man drove away. He never got out of his truck or threatened with any kind of weapon.

"This happened right here in West Point," she said of the stalking incident.

She got his license plate number and police spoke with him later in the weekend.

He told officers he followed her to tell her something fell off her car, although that apparently never was mentioned, Cook said.

"We are going back to him to ask some more questions. And if anyone else has had a similar experience with the man or anyone else, we want to know," the chief said.

"It's starting to get darker earlier and we are getting into the shopping season. We don't want this kind of thing and aren't going to tolerate it," Cook added.

Anyone with information is asked to call the West Point Police Department at 662- 494-124