Pilot Club discuss fundraisers

Staff Writer

During the Tuesday night meeting of the Pilot Club of West Point, the club discussed fundraisers and other upcoming events.
The club is now selling raffle tickets for a tan Polaris Northstar Cooler. It is a 30 quart size and holds 37 beverage cans. In order to reach the goal the club has set for itself, each Pilot should sell at least 20 tickets.

"The tickets are $5 each," Jeannie Johnson said. "We will draw for the lucky winner September 1, the Friday before the Prairie Arts Festival. This is a $300 cooler. We're giving it away at the start of football season and it is perfect for game day tailgating. We'll be posting information on our personal Facebook pages. That would be where people can ask us about tickets. If everyone can sell more than twenty, that would be great."

Cathy McKinney said the club is taking donations for the Special Needs classrooms at Church Hill Elementary.

"We'll be starting Book Buddies in September," McKinney said. "Where we go into the classrooms and read fun books to the children."

Amy Waide, Pilot Club president, said the Pilot Walk will be Saturday, October 7, at the gazebo in Sally Kate Winters Park.

"I'd like for everyone who has a Pilot Club T-shirt to wear them," Waide said. "The shirts were designed by Nina Coleman and are $22 each. It's a good way to represent our club and it makes people curious about Pilot."

Waide said Fall Council will be soon. She said she had plans to go and asked that others who intend to go as well, let her know so there could be plans to use one or two vehicles.
There will be Pilot Training in Booneville Saturday, August 19. We need to find out where and how many members are interested in attending.

"Pilot Clubs have been asked to do a 'Why Pilot?' video," Waide said. "They want to know why you joined Pilot and why you continue to be a member."
Jeannie Johnson suggested instead of many individual members doing videos, they could do one as a club. After the meeting adjourned, the Pilots got together and shot a 31 second video for "Why Pilot?"

"The Fundraising Division is in charge of the program for tonight," Waide said. "So we will turn the meeting over to them."

The Fundraising Division sold BINGO cards for $3 each or three for $5 as an in-house fundraiser. The club played three games, a straight BINGO, four corners and a coverall.

"Our goal was to raise $100 tonight," Sandra Cox of the Fundraising Division said. "We raised $103. It's always nice to do better than you thought you would."
Waide thanked everyone who participated in the celebration ending the Summer Reading Program at the Bryan Public Library. We had seven members who were there handing out ice-pops and cookies, alone with three members of the Oak Hill Academy Anchor Club.