Old Mary Holmes College building set for demolition

Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

The main building of the former Mary Holmes College was scheduled for demolition this week. Community Counseling Services (CCS), which operated under the Regional Foundation for Mental Health and Mental Retardation — or “The Foundation — has owned the Mary Holmes property since 2010.
The Foundation met Tuesday morning at the centrally located office of Community Counseling Services. The Foundation was chartered December 31, 1975 as a philanthropic entity to be the benefactor of mental health services.
"CCO/CFO of Community Counseling Services and Foundation Secretary Richard Duggin said it was the perfect time for the Foundation to be at the campus due to the upcoming demolition and removal of the large main building.
"The main building of Mary Holmes College is scheduled for demolition within the next few days," Duggin said. "The buildings that were still in good condition were saved and renovated. We understand no one wants to see historical landmarks demolished, but the big building in the front is too far gone. It isn't safe."
He said the building was full of asbestos and needed to be removed, due to being a health hazard.
"The crew were working on the demolition of the old West Side Kindergarten Building first," Duggin said. "They did a great job and we look forward to the old building on the CCS campus going smoothly, as well."
He said the crew would be in full hazardous materials garments to keep the workers from exposure to the toxins in the the building.
"This will be a 'wet' demolition," Duggin said. "That means everything will have to be hosed down during the demolition to keep the asbestos from being released into the air."
He said every precaution will be taken to keep the area safe during the demolition process.
Jane Scott with CCS and director of the Project Homestead Food Pantry said renovating the building would have been impossible due to the asbestos and other health hazards.
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